Assuming that you have a place with what could be called an “old school” poker fan, you’ve presumably known about and had a chance to watch Heartland Poker Tour. Set up in 2005, the famous visit has been around for well north of 10 years, however it appears to be it’s at long last run its course.

In the wake of running for fifteen seasons straight, it seems as though the HPT poker visit is no more.

In January 2020, HPT poker started off for what should be its sixteenth season. Notwithstanding, not long after, the live poker scene was struck hard by the Covid pandemic, and it appears HPT was one of its terrible casualties.

With live poker competitions being dropped left, right, and focus, this didn’t come as a very remarkable shock. However, what shocked the poker public was the reality it vanished with practically no genuine notice.

The Heartland Poker Twitter account made its last post in July of 2020, reporting that the Hollywood Casino ข้อดีของการเล่นเกม occasion, which was planned for August, was deferred endlessly.

The main other post after that was the one wishing Vanessa Selbst glad birthday. Not even a peep about what’s going on with the visit or on the other hand assuming there were any designs to continue it.

In September of 2020, HPT authorities conveyed a letter to the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development, where they declared they were for all time relinquishing three representatives.

The letter kept on clarifying the conditions that prompted this, refering to the effect of Covid-19 and related terminations of their properties the nation over as the primary guilty party.

HPT Poker Tour History

Established in 2005, Heartland Poker Tour addresses one of the most seasoned and longest-standing poker visits in the United States. It started off as a brainchild of Todd Anderson and Greg Lang, under a straightforward however striking adage:

Genuine individuals, incredible cash.

To get going, HPT was a provincial poker show broadcasting in Midwest. Slowly, as the interest in broadcast poker developed, it extended onto a wide range of TV organizations, assembling a major after.

In numerous ways, this visit remained consistent with its unique slogan. Played in gambling clubs in Nevada, Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, and Oklahoma, it was a lot more like a common individual who needed to play competition poker yet didn’t have a gigantic poker bankroll.

HPT visit Main Event purchase ins were generally $1,650, making them genuinely congenial for everybody. Furthermore, players could undoubtedly fit the bill for these competitions by means of a lot less expensive occasions.

Heartland Poker Important Moments

Throughout the long term, the HPT poker visit has had numerous defining moments. With time, it’s developed to become one of the most loved visits around, both for the players and poker fans who delighted in watching the activity.

Over the initial six seasons, HPT created more than 150 hours of poker content. For each Main Event last table, there were two one-hour long scenes covering the activity with opening cards.

During the initial eight seasons, this was the occupation of Chris Hanson and Fred Bevill. Then, at that point, HPT got a major support in Maria Ho, who supplanted Hanson in the job of the master expert.

HPT Poker Maria Ho

It should be said that Ho worked really hard in this job, taking things to an unheard of level. A fan top choice, Maria facilitated support the viewership numbers and made the inclusion much more genuine and expert.

In 2010, Heartland Poker authorities welcomed on board Darwin Moon, the 2009 WSOP Main Event second place, to go about as the visit’s minister.

A model of a sporting player who made his fantasies work out in poker, Moon was the ideal fit for the idea.

Simply a year earlier, HPT began a participation with a not-for-profit association Disabled American Veterans, promising to give 1% of each prize pool to the association, where permitted by state laws.

This multitude of things helped the visit assemble a name and notoriety for itself. It pulled in everybody, from mid-range professionals to regular people hoping to strike it huge in poker.

For every one of the years it existed, HPT poker remained consistent with its foundations without expanding purchase ins or doing whatever else that would keep players from joining the activity. Up until their final gasp, they were what you’d call a genuine “poker visit for the general population.”

Heartland Poker Darwin Moon

With the flood of new poker content, particularly as live streams, and the overall reduction in interest for poker in the US after Black Friday, Heartland Poker Tour lost a portion of its prevalence. However, in spite of this, they crashed through this, and the show continued.

Has HPT Poker Truly Run Its Course?

It wasn’t until mid-2020 that HPT chose to close its entryways. By this point, it has gotten some genuine rivalry all things considered, with series like WSOP Circuit and WPTDeepStacks acquiring a ton of foothold. All things considered, the visit figured out how to stand its ground, with a dedicated player pool that kept the ball rolling.

The Covid-19 pandemic, in any case, caused an exceptional circumstance that visit coordinators just couldn’t see coming.

Essentially all poker rooms that consistently facilitated MPT poker occasions were closed down, and there was no telling when they’d resume and particularly when live poker competitions would return.

This put the coordinators in a truly difficult situation.

Running a long-standing broadcast poker visit is quite difficult. It requires a genuinely enormous group of individuals to guarantee everything is moving along as planned. What’s more, without competitions occurring, there is no pay to pay those individuals.

At the point when they understood that live poker wasn’t returning soon, it appears HPT settled on the troublesome choice to suspend the activities.

The last HPT poker occasion on the record occurred in March of 2020 at Hollywood Toledo Casino. As per the visit’s true Twitter, this was a smaller than usual series, with purchase ins going from $35 – $350.

The Toledo occasion should run for ten days, yet it was dropped halfway due to Covid concerns. As it ended up, that was the last we saw of Heartland Poker Tour.

Will Heartland Poker Come Back?

With online media accounts going torpid and reports of key staff continuing on to seek after different freedoms, things absolutely don’t look extraordinary for HPT right now.

A few poker news sources have revealed about the finish of the visit, and their forecasts aren’t excessively hopeful. Also, the manner in which the visit just vanished off the essence of the earth doesn’t look extraordinary, by the same token.

In any case, it appears to be that not all things are pretty much as bleak as it shows up.

A leader of Penn Gaming, the organization behind the HPT poker visit, came out as of late, expressing that they definitely plan to bring the universally adored visit back.

Heartland Poker

While the HPT landing page has been eliminated and there is no action on their web-based media accounts, this could be only something brief. A VP of Public Affairs for Penn Gaming, Eric Schippers, expressed for Hold’em Radio that there are plans to bring the visit back sooner or later.

With regards to when and how this planned to occur, Schippers didn’t offer any replies.

Most would agree it will not be a simple undertaking. With such a long break and different visits previously taking advantage of the casual limitations, HPT will have a great deal of getting up to speed to do.

Additionally, it appears they’ll need to develop things without any preparation as most, if not the entirety of their staff, have continued on.

While HPT poker was an extremely amazing brand at a certain point, the furious rivalry out there made issues for them previously. Presently, with what resembles somewhere around two years without a presence in the poker world, it will not be not difficult to just refocus.


In the wake of running effectively for a considerable length of time, Heartland Poker Tour is no more. In the same way as other live poker visits and occasions, it experienced because of Covid-19 limitations, which put a wedge in its arrangements.

However, in contrast to a few, HPT poker couldn’t ricochet back.

The proprietors essentially weren’t ready for an occasion of this scale, where their activities the nation over were suddenly halted.

What’s more, while they might have maybe attempted to hang on for the dear life and expectation for a more promising time to come, they put in any amount of work and shut the entire activity down.

It’s difficult to say assuming this was the right move without having cozy information on all that was going on in the background.

After a time of radio quiet, there are a few clues that HPT poker could be returning eventually.

As far as concerns me, I’d love to see it back in light of the fact that I have affectionate recollections of watching these competitions once upon a time. Be that as it may, regardless of whether this seems OK from a business angle is for the proprietors to choose.

Assuming that Heartland Poker Tour has really run its course and it doesn’t return, basically it was one amazing run. In the exceptionally serious poker specialty, it figured out how to track down its own corner, which was quite difficult.

What’s more, for that, it will consistently stay a significant piece of poker history, regardless occurs straightaway!

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